Sakara Ensemble

The Sakara family consists:

  1. Iya ilu (the mother drum)
  2. Omele ako
  3. Omele abo
  4. Omele "chord"

The sakara is a shallow drum whose circular body is made with baked clay. Its tone is changed with the fingers of one hand while the other hand hits the face of the drum with a stick. Pegs spaced around the body of the drum, are used to tune the instrument.

The iya ilu leads the ensemble. It does the main talk and dictates the pace and rhythmnic style. Although there are usually several "iya ilu" in the ensemble, one leads as the principal drummer.

The different omele sizes create the fundamental polyrhythm. The fixed pitches of the omele ako and omele abo converse rhythmnically while the omele "chord" adds another flavour by playing varied pitches. Being smaller than the iya ilu, it has a much higher tone and its fundamental role is restricted to backing.

The Sakara Family