Generally the drums of each ensemble can be categorized into two:

  1. Iya ilu (the mother drums)
  2. Omele (the baby drums)

Bata ensemble

The bata family can also be categorized like the dundun family.

  1. Iya ilu (the mother drums)
  2. Omele (the baby drums)

The bottom (idi ilu) of the cone shaped iya ilu bata is played with an open palm. A beater plays the high pitched smaller end (sasa). Ida, a thick black substance, is affixed to the bottom, making it possible to play different pitches from this side of the drum.

The omele genus comprises:

  • Omele ako (male backing drum)
    Three small bata with three basic speech tuned tones. Omele ako, adamo, and . These three drums are tied together and are played by one drummer using two flat leather beaters.
  • Omele abo (female backing drum)
    This is a smaller version of the iya ilu.

As with the dundun ensemble, the bata family is usually enlarged by increasing the number of drums and players.

The Bata Family